Radiology Tower Transition

As we begin our transition to covering the new tower, the Department of Radiology has implemented a Radiology Tower Transition Hotlink campaign which will provide our customers with:

1. Access to information regarding the transition
2. A means by which to confidentially contact us with questions, concerns, and comments

The goal of the Radiology Tower Transition Hotlink campaign is to ensure a seamless transition during which we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of care. We also hope to be alerted to potential service deficiencies before they become an issue.

The Radiology Tower Transition Hotlink campaign will include:

A. An updated website banner directing customers to a site dedicated to up-to-date information regarding the transition
B. An e-mail service providing customers with the ability to contact us
C. Business cards for techs to distribute to our customers as necessary
D. Flyers to post throughout the department

We look forward to a successful transition!