Vascular and Interventional Radiology Fellowship Program

Program Overview

The fellowship program encompasses a year of sub-specialty training in Vascular and Interventional Radiology.


assistant professor

Jeffrey Vogel, MD

Program Director

Jeffrey Vogel, MD

assistant professor

Hugh Davis, MD

Associate Program Director

Dr Hugh Davis, Faculty

assistant professor

Brian Geller, MD

Division Chief

Dr Brian Geller, Faculty


assistant professor

Robert Evan Heithaus, MD

Robert Evan Heithaus, Junior, M-D

assistant professor

Michael Lazarowicz, MD

Dr Michael Lazarowicz, Faculty

assistant professor

Darren Postoak, MD

Dr Darren Postoak, Faculty

Clinical Coordinators

  • Tanya Michelle Ehart
  • George Gilbride
  • Melissa Kapp
  • Diane Tucker
  • Sean Wiley

Program Coordinator

Kiersten Simmons

Kiersten Simmons, Program Coordinator

Current Fellows

Charles Gaston, MD

Doctor Charles Gaston

Timothy Hallman, MD

Doctor Timothy Hallman

Alaa Mahmoud, MD

Alaa Mahmoud, MD

Craig Meiers, MD

Craig Meiers, MD

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