Educational Endeavors

  • A Review of Perceptual Expertise in Radiology-How it develops, How we can test it, and Why humans still matter in the era of Artificial Intelligence.
    Waite S, Farooq Z, Grigorian A, Sistrom C, Kolla S, Mancuso A, Martinez-Conde, S, Alexander RG, Kantor A, Macknik SL.
    Academic Radiology; 2020 Januaryyyyy; PMDI: 31818384.
  • Scherer K, Francavilla M, Boonprakong A, Harris M, Greditzer HG 4th, Hayden D, Gaffney C, Francis C, Deitte L; How Can I Be Politically Involved in Radiology? A Report of the Florida Radiology Resident’s Challenge; Journal of the American College of Radiology; 2012 Nov; 846-847
  • Antonucci MU, Mocco J, Bennett, J; New Insight into Transient Contrast Enhancement on CT after Endovascular Treatment of Stroke; Interventional Neuroradiology; In press.
  • Durst G, Antonucci MU, Bennett J, Murad GJ, Pincus DW; Reombinanat Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 as an Adjunct for Spine Fusion in a Pediatric Population; Pediatric Neurosurgery; In Press.
  • Moody P, Murtagh K, Piduru S, Brem S, Murtagh F, Rojiani A; Tumor-to-Tumor Metastasis: Pathologic & Neuroimaging Characteristics; Submitted for publication.
  • Ritchie C, Wymer D, et al; Incidental Non Cardiac Findings on Rubidium PET/CT; Pending.
  • Scherer P; Adult Variant Wilms Tumor; ACR Online; 2012 Nov.
  • Scherer K; Case Report: Stewart-Treves Syndrome – Musculoskeletal Angiosarcoma in a Background of Chronic Venous Stasis; Poster Presentation; FRS Annual Mtg; Sarasota, FL; 2012 Jul.
  • Patel N, Patel S, Schmalfuss I; Dysphagia: Causes Outside the Food Pipe; Poster Presentation; ASNR Annual Mtg; New York, NY; 2012 Apr.
  • Scherer K; Case Report: Triple Urogenital Cancer; Poster Presentation; ACR-FRS Annual Mtg; Washington DC; 2012 Apr.
  • Bhole S, Harris ME, Sistrom CL, Shifrin RY, Mulvihill MS, Moawad NS; Retained Products of Conception Through a Perforated Uterine Wall Following Elective Abortion: A Unique Case Report; Emergency Radiology; 2012 Apr 11.
  • Timmerman K; Teaching Ethics and Professionalism; Workshop; AUR Annual Mtg; San Antonio, TX; 2012 Mar.
  • Durst G, Antonucci MU, Bennett J; Ectopic Pituitary Ademona; Poster Presentation; ACR Annual Mtg; 2012 Mar.
  • Fargen KM, Velat GJ, Lawson MF, Ritchie CA, Firment C, Hoh BL, Bennett JA, Moco J; Occurrence of Angiographic Femoral Artery Complications after Vascular Closure with Mynx & AngioSeal; Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery; 2012 Jan 21.
  • Cooke B, Cooke E, Sharfstein S; Evaluating the Workload of On-Call Psychiatry Residents: Which Activities are Associated with Sleep Loss?; Academic Psychiatry; 36 (1): 43-46; 2012.
  • Scales J, Middlebrooks E, Speckman J; 28-Year-Old Man Presents with Right Shoulder Pain After an Electrocution Injury at Work; ACR Case-In-Point; 2011 Oct 31.
  • Vihlen C; Findings of Intracranial Hypotension; Poster Presentation; FRS Annual Mtg; Key Biscayne, FL; 2011 Jul.
  • Cooke E, Moser P; Complications of Minimally Invasive Surgery: A Pictorial Review; Poster Presentation; FRS Annual Mtg; Key Biscayne, FL; 2011 Jul 15-17.
  • Scales J, Marshall J; Bouveret’s Syndrome: Multimodality Imaging of a Rock in a Hard Place; Presentation; FRS Annual Mtg; Sarasota, FL; 2011 Jul.
  • Middlebrooks EH; Association of Crohn’s Disease and Abdominal Aortitis; Poster Presentation; FRS Annual Mtg; Key Biscayne, FL; 2011 Jul.
  • Scherer K, Harris M, et al; FRS-PAC Florida Radiology Residents; Donation Campaign; 2011-2012.
  • Scherer P; Interatrial Septal Aneurysm Mimicking a Left Atrial Mass; Poster Presentation; FRS Annual Mtg; Sarasota, FL; 2011.
  • Mann W, Shifrin R, Chandran A; Demonstration of a Right Circumflex Aortic Arch with Aberrant Left Subclavian Artery & a Hypoplastic Arch by Multi-Detector Computer Tomography; Cardiac in the Young; 21, pp 341-342; 2011.
  • Patel N, Deitte L, Bhole S; The Clinical Utility of Twinkling Artifact by Ultrasound; Poster Presentation; FRS Annual Mtg; Sarasota, FL; 2011.
  • Scherer K; Case Report: Rare Renal Mass Diagnosis – Adult Variant Wilms Tumor; Poster Presentation; ACR Annual Mtg; Washington DC; 2011.
  • Scherer K, Scherer P, Storey T; Scaphoid Dislocation; FRS Annual Mtg; 2010 July
  • Dean C, Montgomery WJ; Case-In-Point; ACR; 2008 Oct 15.
  • Rivard A, Themar-Geck M, Cook P, Deitte L; If You’re Not at the Table, You’re on the Menu: The Florida Legislative Fellowship Experience; J Am Coll Radiol; 2008; 5:1157-1158

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