Abdominal Imaging Fellowship Program

Program Director & Division Chief

Joseph Grajo, MD

  • Joseph R Grajo, MD – Associate Chairman and Associate Professor of Abdominal Imaging

FacultyAbdominal Imaging Faculty

  • Patricia L Abbitt, MD – Professor
  • Linda K Armstrong, DO – Assistant Professor
  • Erinn Cooke, MD – Assistant Professor
  • Raymond A Larue III, MD – Associate Professor
  • Abdullah Malkawi – Assistant Professor
  • Julie K Marshall, MD – Assistant Professor
  • Patricia P Moser, MD – Associate Professor
  • Priya G Sharma, MD – Assistant Professor
  • Eric K Thoburn, MD – Assistant Professor
  • Gladys M Torres, MD – Associate Professor
  • Nupur Verma, MD – Assistant Professor

Program Coordinator

  • Judy Daugherty

Program Overview

The fellowship program encompasses a year of sub-specialty training in Abdominal Imaging.