Women in Radiology

Faculty Director

Priya G. Sharma, MD

Dr Priya Sharma, Faculty

Resident Leadership

Anne Lopez, MD

Doctor Anne Lopez

Resident leadership

Elena Griffin, MD

Doctor Elena Griffin

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Future Meetings:

  • To be announced
  • Future Topics: Career Development; Building Diversity in Your Department; Enhancing your CV; Developing your Educational Portfolio; Contract Negotiation

Past Meetings:

date topic speaker
8/14/2019 Welcome Meeting & Meet and Greet Drs. Priya Sharma, Jacqueline Henkel, and Laura Magnelli
9/21/2019 “Invisible Women: Date Bias in a World Designed for Men” by Carolyn Criado Perez Group Discussion
10/6/2019 “Finances for the Female Radiologist: An Introductory Talk” Dr. Megan Hodge
11/7/2019 “The Basics of Estate Planning: Protecting Yourself and Your Legacy” Katie H. Knepper from Ossi Withers, PA
12/16/2019 “Responding to the Zika, Ebola, Pandemic Influenza and Other Infectious Threats” Dr. Sonja A. Rasmussen, Former Editor in Chief of the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
2/24/2020 “How to Lead a Meeting and How to be Heard” Dr. Michelle M. Lossius, UF Chief Quality Officer
5/22/2020 “COVID Check-in: Discussions of the Challenges Faced by Women in Radiology” Group Discussion
7/14/2020 Welcome Meeting & Meet and Greet Drs. Priya Sharma, Anne Lopez, and Elena Griffin
8/25/2020 “Second Victims” Drs. Pat Abbitt, Tricia Moser, and Priya Sharma
10/28/2020 “Lemons and Margaritas (Career Development with issues which tend to affect women” Dr. Vaishali Phalke

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