Women in Radiology

The mission of this group is to provide a forum for issues unique to women in radiology. We hope to foster a sense of mentorship and support while promoting the professional and personal development of female radiologists. We celebrate the inclusive nature of our group and invite all to participate.

Faculty Director

Priya G. Sharma, MD

Dr Priya Sharma, Faculty

Resident Leadership

Anne Lopez, MD

Doctor Anne Lopez

Resident leadership

Elena Griffin, MD

Doctor Elena Griffin

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Future Meetings:

  • To be announced
  • Future Topics: Career Development; Building Diversity in Your Department; Enhancing your CV; Developing your Educational Portfolio; Contract Negotiation

Past Meetings:

date topic speaker
8/14/2019 Welcome Meeting & Meet and Greet Drs. Priya Sharma, Jacqueline Henkel, and Laura Magnelli
9/21/2019 “Invisible Women: Date Bias in a World Designed for Men” by Carolyn Criado Perez Group Discussion
10/6/2019 “Finances for the Female Radiologist: An Introductory Talk” Dr. Megan Hodge
11/7/2019 “The Basics of Estate Planning: Protecting Yourself and Your Legacy” Katie H. Knepper from Ossi Withers, PA
12/16/2019 “Responding to the Zika, Ebola, Pandemic Influenza and Other Infectious Threats” Dr. Sonja A. Rasmussen, Former Editor in Chief of the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
2/24/2020 “How to Lead a Meeting and How to be Heard” Dr. Michelle M. Lossius, UF Chief Quality Officer
5/22/2020 “COVID Check-in: Discussions of the Challenges Faced by Women in Radiology” Group Discussion
7/14/2020 Welcome Meeting & Meet and Greet Drs. Priya Sharma, Anne Lopez, and Elena Griffin
8/25/2020 “Second Victims” Drs. Pat Abbitt, Tricia Moser, and Priya Sharma
10/28/2020 “Lemons and Margaritas (Career Development with issues which tend to affect women” Dr. Vaishali Phalke
11/23/2020 “Diversity in medicine: A work in progress” Dr. Crystal Johnson-Mann, Assistant Chair of Inclusion and Wellness; Assistant Professor of Gastrointestinal Surgery
2/15/2021 “Insights on Subspecialty Choice and Career Pathways” Drs. Mariam Hanna, Jacqueline Henkel, Julia Marshall, Tara Massini, Patricia Moser, Dhanashree Rajderkar, and Priya Sharma
3/16/2021 “Intro to Investing (For Doctors)” Dr. Max Jacobson, Chief Resident of Radiology
5/3/2021 “Breast Imaging Cases” Visiting Professor Program: Dr. Carolyn DeBenedectis, University of Massachusetts
5/8/2021 Resident Informal Gathering WIR Resident Leaders
8/23/2021 Welcome Meeting & Meet and Greet Drs. Priya Sharma, Anne Lopez, and Elena Griffin
12/10/2021 Peer Mentorship Meeting Senior Radiology Residents
3/28/2022 “Business Matters” Dr. Megan Hodge
4/25/2022 “Business Matters Part II” Dr. Megan Hodge