Research Week Schedule

Radiology’s Annual Research Week will be held April 18-22, 2022.  Presentations will be held Monday-Thursday during noon conference in the large conference room (G-101) and available to watch remotely via Zoom, with prizes given to first and second place.  Winners will be announced at a later time. Contact research coordinator, Denise Carlton, for more information.

2022 Research Week Schedule

Monday, April 18
  • Dr. David Alvarez, “DVA thrombosis in the brain”
  • Dr. John Rees, “Comparison of Synthetic CT Perfusion without Contrast to routine CT Perfusion with Contrast”
  • Sydney Levy, “Evaluating the influence of needle gauge and type on diagnostic yield of renal biopsies”
  • Dr. Ryan Schwertner, “MRI of Fat Containing Lesions in the Chest”
Tuesday, April 19
  • Dr. Evans Heithaus, “VIR Projects”
  • Dr. Parth Patel, “Coronary artery calcification as risk factor for intensive care unit admission among adults with COVID-19”
  • Dr. Vikash Sinha, “Incidental Pneumonia”
  • Dr. Mariam Hanna, “Breast Projects”
  • Dr. Reza Forghani, “Precision Neuro and Head and Neck Imaging using Radiomics and Machine Learning”
Wednesday, April 20
  • Dr. Laura Magnelli, “Characterizing a CT Esophagram protocol after flexible endoscopic diverticulotomy for Zenker’s Diverticulum: a retrospective series”
  • Dr. Parker Nguyen, “Comparison of Clinical fMRI Paradigms for Mapping Language Processing Centers”
  • Dr. Parker Nguyen, “Intrathecal Spinraza: Challenges and Solutions in Image-Guided Administration of the Novel Therapeutics for Spinal Muscular Atrophy”
  • Dr. Bruno Hochhegger, “Chest Projects”
Thursday, April 21
  • Dr. Ibrahim Tuna, “Neuro Projects”
  • Dr. Jeremy King, “Hear Hooves, Think Horses…Except When They’re Zebras”
  • Mindy Le, “Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS) creation: Pre-operative imaging and predictors of outcomes”
  • Jacob Surges, “Too old for TIPS? Age-based Mortality in Patients undergoing TIPS”
Friday, April 22 – Keynote Address
  • Dr. Ji-Hyun Lee, “Rethinking P-values amid the Replication Research Crisis”

Doctor Ji-Hyun Lee

Professor of Biostatistics

Ji-Hyun Lee, PhD

Director, Division of Quantitative Sciences