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ASNR 2024 Annual Meeting

Recently, Dr. Reza Forghani has been invited to present several talks on AI topics at the ASNR (American Society of North America) 2024 Annual meeting. New Game in Town:  The Next AI Breakthroughs in Neuroradiology. Session Title: We’re All In AI. Fundamental Frameworks Behind Large Language Model and Multimodal Generative…

JPR-RSNA 2024 Annual Meeting

Dr. Bruno Hochhegger participated in the JPR-RSNA 2024 Annual Meeting, in Sao Paulo, Brazil gave a talk on COPD Imaging and Lung cancer screening. 1600 people participated in the JPR-RSNA 2024 Annual Meeting.

Publication of the Month – May 2024

Congratulations to Dr. Bruno Hochhegger and his co-authors on the publication of Diagnostic Performance of MRI for the Detection of Pulmonary Nodules: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.  Bruno Hochhegger, MD, PhD…

Research Week 2024

Department of Radiology at the University of Florida is excited to host its annual Radiology Research Week from May 7-10, 2024.

Journal Club-April 2024 (MSK)

Journal Club April 2024 organized on the subject of MSK by Dr. Hochhegger in the radiology resident big conference room. Thank you to all residents who participated in the meeting.

The Promise of Reciprocal Human and Machine Learning

Congratulations to Dr. Mancuso on the publication The Promise of Reciprocal Human and Machine Learning for Observational Error Reduction in Diagnostic Imaging on The Association of University Radiologists Journal.

Publication of the Month – April 2024

Congratulations to Drs. Rees, Tuna, Sabat, Massini, Neuro Fellow Dr. Yetto, and co authors Drs Torge Rempe and Mayra Perero on the publication Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders and Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein Antibody-Associated Disease.

UF COM Research Day 2024

UF Radiology faculty members, Drs. Bruno Hochhegger, Pratik Patel, Robbie Slater, Anthony Mancuso, Christopher Sistrom, Dhanashree Rajderkar, Priya Sharma and Hugh Davis along with co-authors, participated in the 14th Annual UF College of Medicine 2024 Research Day – Scientific Research Poster Presentation sessions. Comparison of the Diagnostic Performance of Non-contrast…

Publication of the Month – December 2023

Congratulations to Dr. Izabella Barreto and her co-authors on the publication of Proposed Priorities for Low-Dose Radiation Research and Their Relevance to the Practice of Radiology. Co-Authors: Mahadevappa MaheshDonald P FrushSebastian GrossLawerence DauerIzabella BarretoArmin J Ansari…