Research Week 2021 Schedule

Please join us for Radiology’s annual research week April 26, 27, and 29, 2021. Presentations will be held daily during noon conference in the large conference room (G-101) and available to watch remotely via Zoom, with prizes given to first and second place. Winners will be announced at a later time.

Monday, April 26

Speaker title
Alexander Bode, MD Endovascular Management of Traumatic Aortic Injury: Pictorial Review and Management Practice
Abdullah Malkawi, MD Multimodality fusion and Multiplanar guidance in interventional procedures
Parker Nguyen, MD Intrathecal Spinraza: An institutional experience with image-guided administration of a novel therapeutic, a case series
Priya Sharma, MD Bubbles in the Belly: How Well do Radiology Residents Recognize Pneumatosis in Pediatric Patients on Plain Film?
John Rees, MD Molecular Differentiation of Low Grade Gliomas by Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: A Feasibility Study

Tuesday, April 27

speaker title
Edmond Olguin, PhD Development of a Blooming Suppression Algorithm for CT Angiography
Tyler Thompson Beat the Count: Reducing fluoroscopy time and radiation exposure during gastrojejunostomy tube placement through a novel approach
Nathalie Correa, MS Half-Value Layer at Different Positions in Wide-Beam CT Scanners
David Alvarez, MD Evaluating the Predictive Value of Documented Pre-Test Probability in Patients with CTA PE Studies
Mariam Hanna, MD Can COVID-19 worsen disparities in Breast Imaging?
Eunice Yim, MD Incidental breast masses on a chest CT: a retrospective analysis

Thursday, April 29

speaker title
Joseph Zachary, MD Usefulness of Renal US performed after CT in the hospital and ED, a PQI project
Natalie Rich, MD Pediatric Fluoroscopic Follies: A Journey Through the GI Tract with Twists and Turns!
Anahita Heshmat, MS Evaluating motion correction in a commercial Subtraction CT Registration Algorithm
Joon Soo Shin, MD Streptococcus Intermedius as the Cause of Sphenoid Sinusitis & Associated Extensive Skull Base and Neck Thrombophlebitis and Thrombosis
Christopher Sistrom, MD WIDI SIM for US Radiology Residents: Observations through 2020 and Updates for 2021

Thank you to Research Administrator, Denise Carlton, and Chief Resident of Research, Dr. Joseph Uricchio, for organizing the 2021 Research Week!