Medi-Gators Mentoring Program & Expo

Please join us in acknowledging first-year radiology resident Kevin Pierre, MD and research fellow Abheek Raviprasad for their participation in Medi-Gators mentoring program. They have mentored medical students Isabella Amador, Alexandria Iakovidis, as well as undergraduate students Alina Zankevich, Bella Carvalho, Kerolus Anis, Nicholas Rodriguez-Zingg.

Recently they’ve presented following research posters at the Medi-Gators Expo 2024.

Highlighting Resident Errors in identifying Misplaced Lines, Tubes, and Devices: A Simulation-Based Study
Iakovidis, Alexandria BS; Carvalho, Bella; Zankevich, Alina; Raviprasad, Abheek BA; Pierre, Kevin MD; Slater, Roberta MD; Sistrom, Christopher MD PhD; Mancuso, Anthony MD; Rajderkar, Dhanashree MD​

Evaluation of Radiology Resident Proficiency in Diagnosing Non-Traumatic MSK Conditions: A WIDI SIM-Based Study
Isabella Amador MS, Nicholas Rodriguez-Zingg, Kerolus Anis, Abheek Raviprasad BA, Kevin Pierre MD, Roberta Slater MD, Christopher Sistrom MD PhD, Ivan Davis MD, Anthony Mancuso MD, Dhanashree Rajderkar MD

The Medi-Gators Mentorship Program was initially created by Dr. Pouya Ameli in the UF Neurology Department. It connects undergraduate students, health professional students (medical, PA, nursing, dental, etc.), and healthcare professionals with similar interests. They convene monthly over the course of six months and collaborate on a project by the end of the term.