DIMPR Funding by Dr Brateman

Dr Libby Brateman

It is our great honor to announce that the Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physics Residency (DIMPR) program in the Department of Radiology with the College of Medicine at the University of Florida has been bequeathed generous funding by Dr Libby Brateman, who passed away on May 5, 2018.

Dr Brateman began the DIMPR program in 2011 and served as the Director until her retirement in 2016. Her commitment and dedication to the program, both in life and in death, is unsurpassed and invaluable to its inevitable long-term success.

The funding will be used to support non-salaried DIMPR resident activities (clinically-relevant research and conferences). This will ensure that her legacy lives on in future generations of DIMPR residents.

We are greatly appreciative of Dr Brateman’s past direction and guidance. She dedicated her life to advancing medical physics knowledge and education. We are┬átruly humbled by her continued support.