Florida Radiologic Society

The Florida Radiologic Society (FRS) meeting was a huge success for both the state of Florida and the Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program in the Department of Radiology at the University of Florida (UF).

UF now has three residents on the Executive Committee of the Resident and Fellows Section:

  • Ashish Sethi, President (4th year resident)
  • Jacob Roshanmanesh, Vice President ((2nd year resident)
  • Aria Ghaffari, Treasurer (2nd year resident)

This year also marked an exceptional showing for UF Residents in scholarly activity with the following residents presenting research presentations:

  • Tarik Nurkic (2nd year resident)
  • Amy Taylor (4th year resident)
  • Lindsay Thornton (3rd year resident)
  • Yvonne Estrin (2nd year resident)
  • Jehan Shah (2nd year resident)
  • Aria Ghaffari (2nd year resident)
  • Jacob Roshanmanesh (2nd year resident)
  • Anit Rastogi (3rd year resident)
  • Chris Smith (4th year resident)
  • Sammy Ashouri (2nd year resident)
  • Jay Salmon (3rd year resident)
  • Craig Meiers (1st year resident)
  • Pratik Patel (2nd year resident)

The winner of the poster presentations was our very own Lindsay Thornton, 3rd year resident.

Overall, we had an incredibly impressive showing at the FRS meeting and hope to build off of this momentum at the next meeting in Sarasota!


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