New Lecture Series: “Innovations in Radiology”

We are excited to introduce a new lecture series titled “Innovations in Radiology“. The first lecture, “Unraveling the Human Brain: Advances in the Application of Multimodal Imaging”, is scheduled for 12:30PM on Monday, August 3 in the Department of Radiology’s large conference room (G-101).

The “Innovations in Radiology” lecture series will focus on new technologies and/or applications that are either new to the field, or new to the University, business, politics, etc. We also hope to have guest lectures present relevant topics.

We are confident that you will find these new lectures both informative and educational. We hope they will become an integral part of how we stay familiar with our ever-changing field, which includes technologies and/or applications that fall outside of our individual sub-specialties.

The tentative schedule for this year is below. We hope to incorporate the “Innovations in Radiology” lecture series into Grand Rounds and award CME in the future.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

2015-2016 Schedule

  • 12:30 Mon Aug 3 – Dr Middlebrooks – Unraveling the Human Brain: Advances in the Application of Multimodal Imaging
  • 12:30 Mon Oct 5 – Dr Grajo – Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate and MR/US-guided Fusion Biopsy
  • 12:30 Mon Dec 7 – Dr Tuna – Clinical Applications of Resting State fMRI
  • 12:30 Mon Feb 1 – Dr Sharma – TBA
  • 12:30 Mon Apr 4 – Dr Boyett – TBA
  • 12:30 Mon Jun 6 – Dr Davis – TBA