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Radiology Recycles Bottles and Cans

The Department of Radiology has placed a large blue bin in the break room in which to recycle bottles and cans. Please do not place regular garbage in the bin. Over the next several weeks, additional bins will be added throughout the department.

Radiology Eliminates Styrofoam Cups

In an effort to go green, the Department of Radiology has eliminated the use of Styrofoam cups in the break room and is instead using biodegradable cups. Our supplier also points out that the coffee we use is fair trade certified and the cleaning solution used to clean our…

Radiology Recycles Ink Cartridges

The Department of Radiology reminds its employees to bring empty ink cartridges (inkjet and laser) to the mail room for recycling.

Radiology Recycles for Sight

The Department of Radiology is collecting used eyeglasses (prescription eyeglasses; prescription and non-prescription sunglasses; reading glasses)  for donation to those in need. A collection box is available in the mail room. The donated glasses will be provided to a service club that sends them to a recycling center. At…

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