Research Week

Research Week 2024 – Coming in Spring 2024

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Research Week 2023

Presenter Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Tuesday April 18 Dr. Akhil Kolluri A case on Stewart Treves Syndrome.
Tuesday April 18 Dr. Andrew McCurry TIPS stent dislodgement, a single institution experience.
Tuesday April 18 Dr. Eunice Yim Role of Hemastix as a tool to determine pre-test probability of abnormal pathology in patients with nipple.
Tuesday April 18 Dr. Rajderkar Imaging of pediatric neuroblastoma: A COG Diagnostic Imaging Committee/SPR Oncology Committee White Paper.
Tuesday April 18 John Rivas Single Institution Pulmonary Embolism Experience: Safety and Efficacy of Suction Thrombectomy and Catheter Directed Thrombolysis
Tuesday April 18 Dr. Wells Yang Thyroid FNA Quality Improvement Project in Comparison with National Trends/Results..
Wednesday April 19 Dr. Vikash Sinha Post-pyloric Dobhoff Tube: Reducing Fluoroscopy Time And Radiation Exposure During Gastrojejunostomy Tube Placement.
Wednesday April 19 Dr. Sal Grasso TBA
Wednesday April 19 Mahfuz Al Hasan Detection of small objects: Segmentation of Cervical Lymph Nodes.
Wednesday April 19 Isabella Amador Analysis of hepatic signal intensity characteristics in Eovist enhanced MRI following TIPS creation.
Wednesday April 19 Dr. Manas Gupta Radiology Workflow enhancement using business process management.
Wednesday April 19 Dr. Allen Mao Torcular Pseudomass in Neonates and Infants: A Diagnostic Challenge.
Thursday April 20 Dr. Grey Haneberg Introduction to Radiomics and Artificial Intelligence: A Primer for Radiologists.
Thursday April 20 Dr. Sagar Shrivastav MR evaluation of Perianal Fistulas.
Thursday April 20 Dr. Kevin Pierre Non-Interpretive AI Applications in the Radiology Roundtrip: Process Streamlining and Workflow Optimization.
Thursday April 20 Dr. Kevin Pierre Unsupervised Machine Learning for Cancer Detection: A Systematic Review and Critical Analysis of Performance Metrics and Generalizability.
Thursday April 20 Dr. Parth Patel Axillary artery entrapment and injury following anterior shoulder dislocation.”
Friday April 21 Antika Roy Radiomics and AI for Detection, Segmentation, and Classification of Lymph Nodes in the Neck: A Systematic Review.
Friday April 21 Dr. Hochhegger Chest Imaging Research.
Friday April 21 Dr. Romolo Pasini TBA
Friday April 21 Dr. Kevin Pierre Prediction of Peritumoral Invasion in Brain Metastases using Radiomics & Machine Learning.
Friday April 21 Dr. Kevin Pierre Revolutionizing Radiology Education: A Comprehensive Case-Based Intro to Radiology for Improved Imaging Skills and Appropriate Utilization.
Friday April 21 Dr. Kevin Pierre Clinical and Imaging Characteristics of Cerebral Nocardiosis.

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