Clinical Facilities

Clinical experience is gained in two primary locations: UF Health Shands Hospital at the University of Florida, on the UF campus; and our affiliated outpatient imaging centers. All are located in Gainesville, Florida. In addition, some mammography experience is obtained in a few other locations as a consulting experience.

Current equipment includes 2 Toshiba AquilionOne 320-slice scanners, including dual-energy capabilities, eight 16- and 64- slice scanners with iterative reconstruction dose reduction capabilities, several MRI scanners, including three 3T scanners and Vitrea Fx volume-rendering software; A SPECT/CT unit and other SPECT scanners; numerous fixed and mobile radiography and fluoroscopy units with fixed digital detectors and CR; and several ultrasound scanners with Doppler.  Current equipment for breast imaging includes GE and Hologic digital mammography including tomosynthesis, digital stereotactic breast biopsy and localization and cabinet x-ray imaging systems, breast ultrasound and biopsy, and MRI breast imaging and biopsy. With a 30+ TB system-wide PACS, imaging studies are accessible to radiologists at high-quality diagnostic workstations and to hospital staff by a Visage webserver.

A new Cardiovascular and Neurosurgery Hospital, with numerous interventional suites and additional MRI and CT units is being planned to open in early 2018.

Physics Equipment

Our test equipment includes numerous instruments as well as all necessary phantoms for clinical equipment accreditation programs and more. Dosimetry instrumentation includes typical test equipment in addition to a Landauer microStar dosimetry system for patient dosimetry and clinical projects. Additional possibilities for interested residents include the use of facilities on the University of Florida campus.