Pending Fellowship Program

Contract/Letter of Offer
Once a fellowship position has been verbally extended and accepted, an official contract/letter of offer outlining all employment aspects will be mailed to the pending fellow. Contracts/letters of offer should be reviewed, signed, and returned by the specified deadline. Please note that the contract/letter of offer will include an addendum and supplement – both of which will also need to be reviewed, signed, and returned with the contract/letter of offer by the specified deadline.

Stipend Information
The College of Medicine sets the annual stipend for fellow at each level. The majority of fellows will begin the program at a pay grade year (PGY) level 6 – however, extenuating circumstances may apply. A fellows specific pay grade will be reflected on their contract/letter of offer.

UF Identification Number
Once the contract/letter of offer has been signed by all parties, the program assistant will contact the pending fellow to obtain their date of birth and social security number. This information will be used to request a University of Florida identification number (UF ID #) for the pending fellow. The UF ID # will be required on some of the documentation that the pending fellow is required to submit.

Once the UF ID # has been assigned, the pending fellow will receive an e-mail from the program coordinator. They will provide the pending fellow with their UF ID # and ask the pending fellow to complete the documentation outlined below. This documentation must be completed accurately, and efficiently returned (by the deadline specified in the e-mail), to ensure the hire is processed timely.

1. UF Health Information Policy and Confidentiality Statement
Please read the policy and then read and electronically sign the statement.

2. UF Level 1 HIPAA and Privacy General Awareness Training
Please complete the online training program. At the end of the session, you will be prompted to electronically register your completion.

3. I-9 and Remote Hire Notary Form for Completion of I-9
Please complete Section 1 of the I-9 and submit the appropriate documentation.

Please note that because we are requesting you to complete and submit the I-9 prior to your arrival, you are also required to complete and submit the Remote Hire Notary Form for Completion of I-9. This form must be completed by a Notary Public.

4. UF Foreign National Tax Information Form (if applicable)
Please complete the portion stating: “The remainder of this form (both sides) is to be completed by Foreign National” and submit the appropriate documentation.

5. W-4
Please complete the form.

6. HR-50
(Loyalty Oath; Intellectual Property Agreement; Controlled Substance Questionnaire; Florida Retirement System New Employee Certification)

Please complete all four (4) sections of the form. This includes having section 1 and section 2 notarized.

7. Form 270 (Biographical Information Sheet)
Please complete all four pages of the form.

8. Florida License OR Registration Application for Unlicensed Physicians
Please submit a copy of your Florida license.

If you do not have a Florida license, but have applied for one, please provide us with the application date and the name of the regulator (the person who assisted you).

If you do not have a Florida license and have not applied for one, please complete the Registration Application for Unlicensed Physicians. Although the application directs you to send the original application and fee to the Department of Health, please do NOT do so – include the original application in the packet you send to us. Please note that the Department of Radiology will pay for the application fee (for the registration application for unlicensed physicians only).

9. Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) Certificate (if applicable)
In the event that you are graduating from a foreign medical school, please submit a copy of your ECFMG certificate.

10. Medical School Diploma
Please submit a copy of your diploma. If your diploma is in a language other than English, please submit a translation that meets the criteria set forth by the Board of Medicine.

11. Fringe Benefit Enrollment (Health Plan Enrollment Form; Life/Disability Enrollment Form)
Please complete both forms.

12. National Provider Identifier (NPI)
Please provide your National Provider Identifier number. Please note that a TRN number is required prior to applying for a NPI number.

13. Background Check (Consumer Authorization form)
Please complete the form so that we may complete a required background check.

14. Department of Veterans Affairs Application for Residents
Please complete all four pages of the application.

15. Direct Deposit Form
Log into – Click the “Access myUFL” button.
Enter your GatorLink username and password on the GatorLink login page.
When you are returned to the myUFL website, click on “Main Menu”, choose “My Campus Finances”, then “Direct Deposit

16. Pre-Placement Health Assessment and Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Complete all aspects necessary for pre-placement screening and bloodborne pathogen training. Please note that all information requested must be forwarded DIRECTLY to the Student Health Care Center as noted.

17. Driver License
Please submit a copy of your current driver license

18. E-mail
Please complete the Information Services Network User ID Password Request form so that we can establish an e-mail account for you. Please note that the Department of Radiology utilizes Groupwise as their e-mail provider.

19. ACLS/BLS Certification
Please submit a copy of your BLS certification.

20. Prescription Pads
Please complete the prescription pad form.

21. Lab Coats
Please provide your lab coat size (number)

Once you have completed all of the required documents noted above, please submit them (except for the Pre-Placement Health Assessment and Bloodborne Pathogen Training) information to:

Christine Hunter, Program Coordinator
UF Department of Radiology
PO Box 100374
Gainesville, FL 32610-0374

In the event that you are submitting the documentation via FedEx, please use the following address in lieu of the one provided above:

Christine Hunter, Program Coordinator
UF Department of Radiology
1600 SW Archer Rd – Room G-358
Gainesville, FL 32610
Phone: 352-265-0291

Confirmation of Hire
Upon receipt of the required documentation noted above, the program assistant will process your hire. Once your hire has been processed, they will e-mail you information regarding your:

  • Start Date
  • Doctor Number (specific to Shands at the University of Florida)
  • Billing Compliance Training Information
  • Photo Session Information
  • E-Mail Address
  • Orientation Sessions

Orientation Sessions
The first orientation session will provide you with an opportunity to obtain the following additional items essential to your employment:

The second orientation session is sponsored by the Office of Graduate Medical Education and is generally scheduled on July 1.

The third orientation session will provide you with a departmental overview (to include IT training; Powerscribe training; etc). During this time, you will also be assigned a locker. In addition, your badge will be programmed to allow appropriate departmental access.

Department of Radiology
College of Medicine
University of Florida
PO Box 100374, Gainesville, FL 32610-0374

Phone: (352) 265-0291
Fax: (352) 265-0279
PACS Support: (352) 265-0526