Mission Statement & Program Aims

Mission Statement

The UF fellowship program in neuroradiology aims to provide excellent subspecialty training in neuroradiology. We provide education in specialized neuroanatomy and a wide range of neuropathology in both children and adults. We provide compassionate and thorough diagnostic and procedural care to patients and expedient and helpful consultation to clinical colleagues. Our one year training program will produce neuroradiologists who are safe to practice and care for patients in a variety of settings. The training can also be expanded to two years with additional subspecialty training and research opportunities for candidates interested in an academic career.

Program Aims

  1. To produce competent, independent practicing neuroradiologists, who have the ability to comprehensively care for patients with a variety of neuropathology.
  2. For trainees to proficiently interpret both basic and advanced imaging studies for neurologic diseases in the brain and spine as well as pathology in the head and neck.
  3. For trainees to proficiently perform image-guided procedures under fluoroscopy, CT, CT fluoroscopy, and ultrasound.
  4. To provide exposure and training in:
    1. High end MR imaging including MR perfusion, diffusion tensor imaging, and functional imaging
    2. Imaging for neurologic and ENT emergencies
    3. CT and MR Angiographic examinations for evaluation and treatment of stroke and vascular anomalies, correlated with catheter angiography
  5. To advance scholarly activity and research in Neuroradiology, including quality improvement and patient safety. Fellows are required to produce at least one scholarly project and participate in one QI project over the course of the year and are encouraged to do even more. They will also be actively involved in promoting education of residents and medical students, and are assigned to give core curriculum lectures on neuro-related topics to the radiology residents.
  6. To provide the background knowledge necessary for eligible graduates to apply and obtain American Board of Radiology Neuroradiology certification.