New neonatology research published

A new article by members of Radiology and the College of Medicine has been published in the journal BMJ Paediatrics Open titled “Deep cerebral venous abnormalities in premature babies with GMH-IVH: a single-centre retrospective study.”

In this study, for the first time, several deep cerebral venous abnormalities were observed via SWI MRI and found to be associated with GMH-IVH. Preterm neonates with GMH-IVH demonstrated increased deep venous abnormalities, including venous stenosis, collateral formation and blood product deposition, when compared with preterm neonates without GMH-IVH. These deep venous abnormalities could suggest rebounding effects of the venous haemorrhage on the veins themselves. These findings promote the need for future prospective research into deep cerebral venous thrombosis as a possible predisposing factor for GMH-IVH or a long-term effect of observed venous changes on the neonatal brain and neurodevelopmental outcomes.

Lead author, Thomas Kent