Dr. Forghani gives invited webinar on Implications of AI

On July 29, 2022, Dr. Reza Forghani gave an invited webinar on “Real-World Implications for Implementing AI in Radiology” to the Dell Technologies Healthcare – Life Sciences group. A recording of this webinar is available to watch for the next three months by clicking the link below:

Reza Forghani, MD, PhD

professor and vice chair of ai

Reza Forghani, MD, PhD

Dr. Forghani is leading research and development to address the practical barriers to AI implementation, ensuring that the technology can be successfully deployed to improve patient care.

About this talk:

Artificial intelligence has the potential to advance medical imaging and the ability of radiologists to support patients through their healthcare journey. For the healthcare system in general and radiology departments in particular to unlock this potential, leaders must first consider the practicalities involved when bringing new technology to bear on improving patient care, enhancing quality and safety, and streamlining healthcare processes.