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Please join us in congratulating Dr. Reza Forghani on his recent publication “Generalizability of Machine Learning Models: Quantitative Evaluation of Three Methodological Pitfalls” as a part of the new Radiomics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (RAIL) at the University of Florida.

The Radiomics and Augmented Intelligence Laboratory (RAIL) is involved in the inception, development, and validation of clinical artificial intelligence (AI) applications for precision diagnostics, streamlining of healthcare processes, and enhanced health quality and education. As part of the Division of Medical Physics in the Department of Radiology, the RAIL team works closely with other clinical groups, scientists, and industry partners. One major area of interest of RAIL is the use of quantitative features extracted from medical images, in combination with clinical and OMICS data when appropriate, for precision health and biomarker development.

Dr. Forghani will be joining the department faculty on May 1, 2022 as Vice Chair of AI and Professor of Neuroradiology.

Reza Forghani, MD, PhD

Reza Forghani, MD, PhD

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