Research Week Keynote Speaker Named

We are excited to announce Dr. Ji-Hyun Lee, Professor of Biostatistics and Director of the UF Division of Quantitative Sciences, will serve as the keynote speaker for 2022 Research Week. Dr. Lee will present “Rethinking P-values amid the Replication Research Crisis” at 12:00PM on Friday, April 22 to bookend Research Week.

Radiology’s Annual Research Week will be held April 18-22, 2022.  Presentations will be held Monday-Thursday during noon conference in the large conference room (G-101) and available to watch remotely via Zoom, with prizes given to first and second place.  Winners will be announced at a later time.

Contact research coordinator, Denise Carlton, for more information.

Doctor Ji-Hyun Lee

professor, department of biostastitcs

Ji-Hyun Lee, PhD

Director, Division of Quantitative Sciences