Neuroradiologists publish in Nature Communications

Please join us in recognizing neuroradiologists, Drs. Mehmet Sait Albayram and Ibrahim Tuna, and MD/PhD student Garrett Smith, on their recent publication, “Non-invasive MR imaging of human brain lymphatic networks with connections to cervical lymph nodes” which has been published in the January 2022 edition of Nature Communications.

This is the first paper in literature that illustrates the major human dural lymphatic structures in live humans. Moreover, direct connections between lymphatic fluid channels along the cranial nerves and vascular structures and the cervical lymph nodes were detected in live humans.

Dr Mehmet Albayram, Faculty

professor of neuroradiology

Mehmet Sait Albayram, MD

Medical student Garrett Smith

medical student

Garrett Smith, PhD

Dr Ibrahim Tuna, Faculty

associate professor of neuroradiology

Ibrahim Tuna, MD