New Interventional Radiology Suite

State of the art interventional radiology equipment the first of its generation and configuration in the United States.

UF Health Department of Radiology is now home to new, state of the art, piece of interventional equipment, the Alphenix 4D CT. This equipment is composed of the Canon Alphenix Interventional C arm and Aquillion One Genesis CT scanner in the same location – the first configuration of this equipment in the United States.

What makes this suite different from other IR suites is the ability to do a complete CT scan during an interventional case, and the patient does not have to be moved between departments. We have the ability to do cone beam CT imaging as in other suites, however this is the only suite that gives us a full 640 slice scan if needed. The equipment also has the ability to do a 4D navigation called Sure Guidance, which allows the user to specify a point on images acquired by CT and/or the angiography system and it will automatically set the position on the opposite system. The equipment includes high definition angiography capability, meaning the image can be magnified an additional two times without degrading image quality.

After the project was delayed by the pandemic, we are excited to begin utilizing this new technology to help our patients.