Dr. Sabat represents Radiology at House Delegates Meeting

Dr. Shyam Sabat is representing Radiology as an Alternate Delegate of the AUR at the annual policy making House of Delegates meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) being held virtually this year from June 11-16, 2021. Dr. Sabat is chairing Reference Committee G (Medical Practice) of the Radiology Section Council of the AMA.  Important policy proposals pertinent to radiology being discussed at the meeting include:

  • Improving prior authorization process by a peer-to-peer sub-specialty level review
  • Assigning accountability for radiologic studies denied by insurance
  • Strengthening incident-to-billing codes that allow radiologists to bill for PAs and NPs
  • Strengthening contract protections for employed radiologists
  • Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C)
  • Improving healthcare workers’ access to PPPs

Other radiology representatives at the meeting include Dr. Stephen Chan (AUR president), Dr. Jacqueline Bello (ASNR Past President), Dr. Steve Falcone (Radiology Chair, University of Miami), Dr. Bill Thorwarth (CEO, ACR), Dr. Van Moore (CEO, Strategic Radiology) along with radiology resident representatives.

Doctor Shyam Sabat

associate professor of neuroradiology

Shyam Sabat, MD

Vice Chair of External Educational Affairs