Research Week 2017

We are very excited to release this year’s schedule for Research Week and hope you can join us! Research week sessions will take place from 12:00PM to 1:00PM on Wednesday, June 21 – Friday, June 23 in the large conference room (G-101). Lunch will be provided.

Wednesday, June 21 (Pizza)
12:00PM = Dr Grajo: Validation of SWE for Liver Fibrosis
12:10PM = Dr Sharma: Putting Patients First – Appropriate Fluoroscopic Use in the Pediatric Population
12:20PM = Dr Thornton: Safety of Radioembolization in the Setting of Angiographically Apparent Arterioportal Shunting
12:30PM = Dr Pepin: Structured Reporting – Complete Abdomen
12:40PM = Dr Amin: Cat Scratch Disease (Meow)
12:50PM = Dr Tabriz: 3D Printing

Thursday, June 22 (Subway)
12:00PM = Dr Verma: Collaboration
12:10PM = Dr Rajderkar: Nontraumatic Pelvic Emergencies in the Pediatric Population
12:20PM = Dr Pham: Small Bowel Trauma
12:30PM = Dr Meiers: Safety and Initial Efficacy of Segmental Transarterial Radioembolization for Hepatic Metastases
12:40PM = Dr Smith: FDG Avid Oncocytoma
12:50PM = Dr Grajo: Stricture Predicts Adverse Outcomes in Crohn’s

Friday, June 23 (Panda Express)
12:00PM = Dr Mohammed: Research in Cardiopulmonary Imaging
12:10PM = Dr Wu: DECT for Calcification vs Hemorrhage in ED
12:20PM = Dr Ahmed: Angiosomal Characterization of Liver s/p Y90
12:30PM = Dr Ghaffari: Discitis/Osteomyelitis
12:40PM = Dr Shah: Y-90 of … anything (RCC and CRC Heptatic Mets)
12:50PM = Dr Grajo: Current and Upcoming Abdominal Research