Medical Physics Graduate Program

Exciting news about the UF Medical Physics Graduate Program:

The program originated in Radiology in the 1960s and migrated to the Nuclear Engineering Department in the 1970s and then the Biomedical Engineering Department in the 2000s. As a result of an agreement between the College of Engineering and the College of Medicine and a series of negotiations that culminated with the approval by the UF Graduate Council, the Medical Physics Graduate Program is now back home in Radiology!

The UF Medical Physics program has produced hundreds of medical physicists, some of whom have become leaders in the profession both nationally and internationally. Our Medical Physics faculty, Drs Arreola, Rill and Leon, are UF Graduates and will continue the tradition of excellence that the program has had for over 50 years.

Currently, the program has 18 Master’s students and 15 PhD students, working under the direction of physics faculty in Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Neurosurgery and Biomedical Engineering. The program was successfully re-accredited last December for the next 5 years; accreditation gives our graduates eligibility to begin the ABR accreditation process as well as eligibility to enter Medical Physics residencies.

Dr Arreola was appointed to take over and direct the program last August and will continue doing so thanks to the support from Dr Anthony Mancuso, Chairman of Radiology, and the Dean’s office.

The return of the Medical Physics program to Radiology, along with our successful Diagnostic Medical Physics residency program bring new possibilities of clinical research to the Department of Radiology and multiple clinical collaborations. Very exciting times!