Residency Speed Dating

Radiology residents and faculty participated in the 2016 Residency Speed Dating event which took place in February.

Participating residents included Dr Jehan Shah (1st year resident), Dr Tim Goede (3rd year resident), Kelley Clifford (4th year resident), and Dr Lindsey Thornton (2nd Year Resident). Participating faculty included Dr Erinn Cooke (Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging), and Dr Cooper Dean (Assistant Professor, Musculoskeletal Radiology).

Residents and faculty met with UF medical students to discuss their decisions to pursue careers in Radiology. They were joined by a special guest, Dr Steve Sevigny (1998 UF Radiology Residency Graduate) who discussed his experience as a radiologist in private practice at the Radiology Associates Imaging group on the east coast of Florida. Fun conversations were held with the multliple groups of medical students interested in pursuing careers in the exciting field of Radiology.

Residency Speed Dating Feb 2016