Physics Research Update

Please join us in recognizing the Physics Division for their continued research and publication work:

  • Dr Brateman’s paper “Solid-State Dosimeters: A New Approach for Mammography Measurements” (Brateman L and Heintz P) is in this month’s issue of the Medical Physics Journal.
  • Our first two papers on CT Post-Mortem Dosimetry will be in the March or April issue of Radiology.
  • Two more abstracts have been accepted for presentation already this year:

For the AAPM Spring clinical meeting:

Quantifying Organ Dose and Improving Image Quality in CT Exams of Subjects with Metal Implants Utilizing a Metal-Artifact Reduction Algorithm. I Lipnharski*, C Carranza , A Mench , R Lamoureux , B Cormack , S Bidari , L Rill , M Arreola.This work will be presented at the Young Investigators Symposium at the AAPM Clinical Meeting in March in St Louis by another one of our Graduate Assistants, Izabella Lipnharski, only two years after our group placed 1st and 2nd in that competition.

Correlating Image Quality and Reduced Radiation Exposure From Low-Dose CT Scanning in a Lung Cancer Screening Program. I Lipnharski*, A Mench , C Carranza , R Lamoureux , S Gyapong , L Rill , T Mohammed , M Arreola.

These will be our 14th and 15th abstracts/presentations in national and international meetings in 3 years. Thanks to Drs Bidari, Mohammed and Gyapong and our indispensable CT Tech, Brian Cormack, for being a crucial part of our research team and this work.

  • Our newest graduate, Dr Anna Mench, starts her job as the Medical Physicist in the Radiology Department at Salem Hospital in Oregon. She will be only 20 minutes away from our two previous graduates, Dr Tom Griglock and Dr Lindsay Sinclair, Medical Physicists at the Oregon Health Science University in Portland.