Giving back to our community – the Foster Care Closet Project!

A few months ago, Tabitha Hill of the Radiology Department felt honored when she was asked to attend a meeting that the foster parent association was having for Alachua County. She listened in; it was one of the most touching meetings she had ever been a part of. She learned that a foster parent had started a project that needed some help. He had donated space, but it needed some organization and desperately needed shelving. She was intrigued, so she agreed to look at the closet to see what could be done.

Foster parents bring many children into their homes. They welcome them, fold them into their families, and one day they have to let them go back to mom and dad. These children are taken from their homes and are often placed in foster care with nothing but the clothes on their backs, not even a favorite toy or blanket. Children grow and learn many things that we don’t even think about in foster homes. Some of these children may have never experienced something as simple as family time at the dinner table or responsibilities within the household. In some cases even a simple expectation to do well in school is new to these kids. The Closet helps provide the clothes that the kids need to have the confidence to go out and work hard to succeed.

The Foster Care Closet is a place where donated clothes are kept, allowing foster parents to come and obtain the items they need to clothe the children in their care. It also allows them to bring clothes in that the children outgrow and exchange these for larger sized clothes. This recycles the clothes and helps with the ongoing expense of clothing for growing children. It also allows the foster parents to afford important things for the children like sports, music, and other educational activities that help them grow into productive adults.

The Closet was completed, shelves were built and assembled. Many Saturdays have gone by, and The Closet is a huge success! Foster parents have expressed tremendous appreciation. According to Tabitha, it was an honor to be a part of this project and to continue to be a part of a great resource. We honor and thank Tabitha for giving back to our community!

If you would like to donate to this resource contact Tabitha Hill at

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