The ACR-RFS Poster Session: UF receives the case-based poster award!

The 4th Annual ACR – Resident and Fellows Section Poster Session featured approximately 50 posters highlighting resident research in Advocacy and Government Relations, Clinical Research, Economics and Health Policy, Education, and Quality and Safety. Drs Phil Scherer (third year resident) and Chris Lazo (second year resident) represented the UF Department of Radiology with several case based posters. Dr Scherer presented posters, titled ‘Intramedullary cervical cord abscess with meningitis and an infected dermal sinus tract’ [co-authored by Drs Aaron Kline (second year resident), Kurt Scherer (alumnus), Sharatchandra Bidari (Assistant Professor, Neuroradiology), and Ronald Quisling (Professor, Neuroradiology)] and ‘Voriconazole associated Periosteal Reaction’ [co-authored by Drs Aaron Kline, Kurt Scherer, and Troy Storey (Assistant Professor & Chief, Musculoskeletal Radiology)]. Chris Lazo (second year resident) presented ‘Now you see it, Now you don’t: Comparing two cases of gallstone ileus’ [co-authored by Drs Kurt Scherer, Kanita Beba (third year medical student), Robbie Slater (Assistant Professor, Abdominal Imaging), and Lori Deitte (Professor, Abdominal Imaging)] which was selected by the ACR council as the winner of the case-based category