Congratulations to our Physics PhD Graduate Students!

We are proud to announce a tremendous accomplishment by our Physics PhD graduate students – Lindsay Sinclair and Anna Mench, as they are two of twelve finalists for the prestigious AAPM Young Investigators Award this Spring and will be presenting at the National Clinical AAPM meeting in Phoenix in March.

Lindsay’s abstract: “Direct Organ Dose Measurement for Multi-Detector Computed Tomography Utilizing Cadaveric Subjects” describes the ground-breaking CT Dose research that we are conducting  on cadaver dose measurements, while Anna’s work: “Investigation of X-Ray Attenuation Properties of Organs within the Body and Head of Cadaveric Subjects vs. Living Patients for the Validation of CT Organ Dose Measurements” is the platform which validates our research.

This is a first for the Physics Division and kicks off what we intend to be a great year of presentations at national and international meetings and publications of papers! With two UF Radiology finalists in the top twelve, we feel that we rightfully “own” the competition this year!

Special thanks to our co-authors (Dr Bidari, Brian Cormack and Jen Sirera, as well as our recent graduate, Dr Tom Griglock) for your help and contribution.

Congratulations Lindsay and Anna!


Sinclair Mench