Research Week 2009

The Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program’s Research Week is scheduled for Monday, November 9 to Friday, November 13. Please join us at 12:30PM each day in the large conference room (G-101) for research and systems-based practice project presentations by our residents.

Monday, November 9

12:30 Dr Peters: IRB Overview
12:45 Dr Massini: Adding Eovist to the Shands Formulary
1:00 Dr Huynh: Endometrioma
1:15 Dr Monroe: Contrast Reaction Prep

Tuesday, November 10
12:30 Dr Whitney: Pelvic Floor Imaging
12:45 Dr Aulls: Ultrasound Guided Biopsy Learning Module
1:00 Dr Rivard: Coronary Artery Post Heart Transplant Evaluation
1:15 Dr Rivard: Emergency Department Chest Pain Program

Thursday, November 12
12:30 Dr Cousin: Collaborative Learning Strategies in Radiology
12:45 Dr Monroe: Montaggia Fracture Dislocations
1:00 Dr Alexander: MSK Protocols for the ED

Friday, November 13
12:30 Dr Cousin: Collaborative Factors/Medico Legal Considerations
12:45 Drs Hudson/Toskich: OB On-Call Reference
1:00 Dr Patel: MR Renography
1:15 Dr Patel: Thoracostomy Tube