The New Toshiba Aquilion One

Shands at the University of Florida Medical Center Installs the Toshiba Aquilion One Dynamic Volume CT

Perfusion Capabilities of Dynamic Volume CT to Dramatically Improve Patient Care

TUSTIN, Calif. – In a single gantry rotation Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc’s. Aquilion ONETM dynamic volume CT system may change the way hospitals and physicians treat and diagnose patients with cardiovascular and neurological disease. As a testament to the industry leading technology of dynamic volume CT, Shands at the University of Florida Medical Center, a Level 1 trauma center in Florida and one of the Southeast’s premier health systems, has installed the Toshiba Aquilion ONE.

“As the only dynamic volume CT system in the world, the Aquilion ONE’s ability to perform single beat heart studies and capture organ perfusion is a unique capability found in no other system,” explained Anthony Mancuso, M.D., professor and chairman of Department of Radiology, UF College of Medicine.

Toshiba’s Aquilion ONE dynamic volume CT system utilizes 320 ultra-high resolution detector rows (0.5 mm in width) to image an entire organ in a single gantry rotation. The result is unparalleled in diagnostic imaging today and produces a 4D clinical video showing up to 16 cm of anatomical coverage, enough to capture the entire brain or heart, and with sequential sampling show wash in and wash out of blood flow and organ perfusion.

“The Aquilion ONE’s (deleted rapid) perfusion applications for the heart and brain are a significant technological breakthrough,” added Dr. Mancuso. “We will use the Aquilion ONE initially in our formal protocols for evaluation of patients presenting with possible cardiac or cerebral infarction mainly coming from the emergency room. The system’s uniquely comprehensive exam may significantly reduce time to diagnosis and help clinicians treat disease at its earliest stages.”

In addition, the Aquilion ONE’s single exam may provide physicians with data to replace a variety of duplicative tests and invasive procedures.

“The installation of the Aquilion ONE at a high volume facility such as Shands demonstrates the power and versatility of the system,” said Doug Ryan, senior director, CT Business Unit, Toshiba. “In today’s healthcare environment, the Aquilion ONE’s ability to replace multiple tests with a single exam may save hospitals important resources and deliver the best possible patient care.”

Shands will use the Aquilion ONE in an intense high volume interdisciplinary setting and it will accompany the facilities’ other Aquilion systems. The Aquilion ONE will be the primary machine for cardiac studies requiring perfusion and will be used to evaluate stroke alert patients. The hospital’s radiology, cardiology, neurology, pediatric and emergency medical systems groups will also use the Aquilion ONE for a variety of applications.

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