John R Forder, PhD

forder_82862850-2Associate Professor, Radiology Research

PhD: University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI (Pharmacology)
BA: University of Vermont; Burlington, VT (Biology)

Fellowship: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Baltimore, MD (In vivo & in vitro NMR spectroscopy & MRI)

Clinical and Research Areas of Interest
Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Cardiovascular physiology/biochemistry/anatomy
Very high resolution imaging
Diffusion Measurements of cardiac tissue, spinal cord and retina

Honors and Awards

  • Lauterbur Award; Society of Body Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance (1993)
  • Established Investigator; American Heart Association

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Contact Information
Department of Radiology
College of Medicine
University of Florida
Post Office Box 100374
Gainesville, Florida 32610-0374
352-265-0291 Phone
352-265-0279 FAX